COVID-19 OPERATIONAL PLAN - updated March 08, 2021

Health & Safety​

Your health & safety are our number one priority. Classes will be structured differently in order to maintain maximum safety. We do ask that you are upfront & honest with us about your personal health and if there are any changes to it, to let us know immediately. No late charges or cancellation fees will be charged if you let me (Nancy) know directly through private message or email that you cannot attend due to sickness. There are new waivers to be signed before coming to class. I will send you a copy via email so you can fill it out and email it back it back to me.


Attendance will is compulsory and will be taken upon your arrival.



UNIplex doors will be unlocked.  The room will be available 15 min before class time.  You may enter, one at a time, maintaining 6 feet in between you and the person going in before you.  



A non-medical mask or face covering will be required to enter the building, and is to be worn until class starts. Once class is finished, the mask will go back on, and stay on until you’ve exited the building.  Please position yourselves at 6-foot intervals and remain in your spot for the length of the class.  With those measures are maintained we won’t need masks during classes. -- During orange phase however, masks must remain on at all times unless 9 feet apart.


Hand Sanitizer

Use the hand sanitizer provided for you upon entry and exit of the UNIplex building.



Once you’ve entered the room, remove and leave footwear at the door.  Please fill the class from the wall furthest away from the entrance to the wall nearest the entrance. The entrance is a no stop zone, as soon as your footwear is off you must proceed directly into the main room and to your spot.  Avoid all physical contact.



Washrooms are available to the public.



Participants must provide their own non-fixed equipment such as yoga mats and yoga blocks.

You can take your personal things with you and put them to the closest wall.  City of Dieppe asks that all personal belongings be disinfected prior to arriving on site.



Classes will begin on time.  You may enter the building no earlier than 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of class.  If you arrive earlier, City of Dieppe requires that you wait outside of the building or inside your vehicle. We ask that you arrive early enough to stagger yourselves coming through the door, and that you leave promptly once class is over. -- Late cancels & no shows for drop-ins will be charged the regular drop-in cost of $15 (unless there is a concern that you are showing any signs/symptoms of COVID-19, in which case we ask that you contact me, Nancy, immediately & do not come back until you are fully recovered).