A human body is a wonderful and complex machine that is meant to remain strong and pain-free for the whole of our lives. It has the ability to keep us vibrant, healthy and active until well into our later years. Think about it; a body has the ability to repair itself. It is always busy repairing paper cuts, broken bones, burns, fighting off diseases, etc. Our bodies are simply amazing!!

Aging Backwards?! You may be thinking that loss of muscle mass and decrease in energy are controlled by chronological years. You could also argue that brittle bones, the stoop and the shuffling walk are natural signs of aging. That it is the body’s natural process of deconditioning and muscle deterioration. You may also be thinking that good genes have an influence on how youthful and active a person can be. However, studies show that only 25% of aging is determined by our genes and that the other 75% is in fact due to lifestyle and environmental factors.

Let’s go back to the word “Lifestyle”, which is our key word here. Past generations used to allow their bodies to age prematurely simply because they thought it was the natural order of things. They just didn’t know any better. But now we do know better. How often do we hear about men and women that are well in their 90s teaching yoga, weight training, salsa dancing and competing in sports. Very often. (If you don’t believe me you can google it or look at your Facebook feed).

I am happy to say that the world is waking up to the possibilities. We are realizing that we hold most of the power of healthy aging in our own hands. A Few Things We Should All Invest Time Into

  1. Maintaining a perfect posture for life. What is referred to as “perfect posture” is the most natural and healthy state of the spine. The muscles of our torso are created to be strong and mobile. If we take care of them, we ensure that our posture will remain vertical (not slouched) and the functioning of all our internal organs will benefit from it.

  2. Continuing to be limber and moving with energy and vigor for life. We all know that if we have issues with our feet (usually caused by week or atrophied muscles), we may very well develop knee and hip issues. By exercising the muscles in our feet, ankles, knees and hips, we create muscles that are strong enough to easily power a light, relaxed walking gait. A youthful spring in our step. You see, all is connected. Think muscle chains.

  3. Staying slim and toned for life. Here I am talking about what we feel is uncontrollable weight gain as being a side effect from aging. True, our bodies do change and we might not be running along the beach in a polka dot bikini or speedo forever. It is weak and inflexible muscles that make us look soft and feel unsexy. But we can easily keep a trim waist and narrow hips (or regain them), build muscle definition, and reduce the dreaded “softening” in our midsection by regularly doing gentle full body stretching and strengthening exercises. I do say gentle. People struggling with chronic pain can also benefit greatly from such exercises.

So How Can We Stay Young and Healthy? - 3 tips to follow.

  1. By eating healthy at least 80% of the time, you will feed your body the nutrients it needs to keep healing itself and function properly.

  2. By doing full body stretching and strengthening exercises regularly, you will regain/retain strength, flexibility, mobility and range of motion needed for everyday things. ((A plus, muscles burn calories))

  3. And don’t forget your computer… your brain. It also needs stimulation. Read, do crosswords puzzles, play card games with the family, or learn a new dance. Friends, there is such a thing as the fountain of youth. You just need to find what works for you and stick to it. It is all about balance. Rebalancing our bodies one cell at a time using the 3 tips above. Now.. if you choose to strut your stuff along the beach in a polka dot bikini or speedo when you are well into your 90s, that is totally up to you.

You go friend!!

Yours in wellness, Nancy Shimmy Other related post here This post was inspired by Miranda Esmonde-White’s book called Aging Backwards. Miranda is the co-founder of Essentrics of which I am a certified Level 3 Instructor at the time of this post. I look up to this amazing women and all the things that she has gone through in her life. I am thankful that she was able to heal her body and to create the Esmonde technique as a result.

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