Downsizing excitement - Why I'm not too young for an apartment

For the last several months (2 years now?) I have talked about how we are eventually going to downsize. Kids are making their way in life, and the house is way more space/responsibility than what we want at this time in our lives.


We have spent a lot of time pondering on what our next home should look like. It's a big decision. Some ideas were: Invest in a Duplex; live on one side and rent the other? Build a small bungalow with an in-law suite? And so much more. In the end, we are planning to sell our home and, for the moment, move into what is now called a “luxury” apartment. (Basically, sound proof)

Now you are probably thinking what many have already said to us… Nancy, you are only 49 years old, way too young to moving into an apartment. --- Let me tell you something you may or may not know about me.

The first years.

Growing up, my parents purchased a 2-apartment home from my uncle. This means I spent the first 18years of my life living in a home above another family. The people downstairs could hear pretty much everything going on upstairs. -- You can imagine how often I was told to not run, jump, or make too much noise. It could not have been easy for those living downstairs either… having a small child living above them.

I grew up not knowing anything else, so for me, this was normal. I never put much thought into it until recently, when people told us we are too young for apartment living.

The family downstairs had a boy who was also an only child like I am. He was 6 years younger than me. He got to play on my swings and in the sandbox my Dad made me. More often than not, it was cool to have a “little brother” to hang out with. Most of my “girl” friends only wanted to play “girl” games. I was and still am grateful to have had a “little brother” with whom to play “boy” games with.

In my teen years, I moved from my home town to Dieppe/Moncton. During my years in college and first years of work, I lived in apartments. By the age of 23, I moved into in my parents’ basement studio apartment in their new home in Scoudouc. They charged me less rent, and I was able to make bigger payments on my car lease.

Our first home.

Then came the lovely human being that I now call husband. We purchased our first home in Saint-John, NB where we lived for 3 years. No privacy on our property. The houses were on top of each other and so were our backyards. Including the “backyard” neighbour's'.

Finally, we build our family home in Dieppe where we have now lived for almost 20years. Big backyard, lovely neighbours, biggest home I have ever lived in and more privacy than I have ever had in my lifetime to date.

The future?

Needless to say… I may very well be just fine in a “luxury" apartment 😉 -- As for Bill? This remains to be seen. Either way, we live, we experience, and we adapt. Who knows what choices we will make in the years to come. It's an adventure!