Emotional baggage: Often times we think we are ok… with barely an emotional scratch.

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

So many things happen in life and we are left with both sad and happy moments.

In my life, as all of you, I have had my own life experiences.  I try to learn from each of them as I try to learn from everyone I meet in my day-to-day.

I take out the emotional trash as they accumulate.  You know?  Every experience brings baggage with it.  Some good and some bad.  Often times we think we are ok.  That we dealt with this or that situation with barely an emotional scratch.  Only to find out later that we actually were deeply affected by the situation.

In my 20s, I was forced to deal with most of my baggage accumulated from an early age.  It took a while to heal and work through it all, but it was very much worth it.  Yet there is always that little bit that gets away from you.  That little bit that sneaks past you and you don’t recognize as baggage.

People and relationships change over time.  Life experiences affect us all.  Being open and honest, without being hurtful, is a good way to keep a long lasting relationship with those we love.  Some people in our lives will become emotionally sensitive about things; some will become opinionated.  Others may become easily defensive and unable to accept that others see things differently than they do.  Be aware that everyone carries baggage that he/she hasn’t dealt with.

Sadly, there will be times where the people we care about are in a place where it is very difficult for us to have a meaningful conversation with them.  A conversation about how these changes are affecting our relationship.  How their behavior brings us down and makes us sad.  Some relationships may have to end.  But there are those we chose not to end as she/he is family and we love them.  A parent? A child? A great uncle? You may need to distance yourself from them a little.  You may still have times together where you both laugh a lot…  As for me, in those special situations, I hold on to the happy moments and walk on egg shells the rest of the time.

I am thankful to have a husband who understands and supports me.  We help each other out, cry on each others shoulders and hold each other up.

Yours in health, happiness and success, Nancy Shimmy

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