ESSENTRICS® AT EVERY AGE per (part 1 of 2)

Whether you are in your 20s or +70s... Essentrics is for you. Here is why.

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YOUR 20s

This is the time to plant the seeds for a lifetime of health. Muscle cells fuel your metabolism and give you energy; at this age, the natural rate of cellular regeneration is at its peak – even without an active lifestyle. This will change as you age, so taking a proactive approach with full-body movement will keep  all of your muscle cells alive and healthy.

Essentrics®  can help:

  • Strengthen, lengthen, tone and define your muscles.

  • Offset imbalances created from repetitive motions of daily activities and sports.

  • Correct and maintain good posture.

  • Improve physical performance by working every muscle chain equally.

  • Manage stress, boost energy and enhance your mental health by releasing endorphins.

  • Bolster a lifelong approach to physical activity in a fun, non-competitive way.


During these exciting and transformative years,  your cellular regeneration cycle (responsible for the aging process) is hardwired to begin to slow down – although you may not feel it until you enter your mid-thirties. By activating all 650 muscles in an equal and balanced way, you are taking control of this process by signalling to your cells that you need them, and therefore working towards age prevention.

There is a  common belief in the mantra “no pain no gain” which has shaped the fitness industry, however, this philosophy is counterproductive for the health of your body. Pain is a sign that something is wrong. Injuries and imbalances that are slight now, often manifest into chronic conditions later down the road. A full body workout that respects the design of your body is all you need to stay young, vibrant and healthy.

Essentrics® can help:

  • Strengthen, lengthen, tone, and define your muscles.

  • Correct and maintain good posture.

  • Manage stress, boost energy and improve your mental health by releasing endorphins.

  • Brighten and tighten your skin by improving circulation which flushes toxins while delivering nutrients.

  • Give you energy to keep up with a busy schedule.

  • Lubricate tight fascia and connective tissue.

  • Increase flexibility, improve performance in any sport or activity, and keep your muscles free of injury.

  • Challenge your body while protecting your muscles and joints.


In your 40s, your cellular regeneration cycle begins to slow down at a faster rate than before, resulting in more visible changes to how you feel. Activating your muscles will combat this cycle by sending a signal to your cells that they are still needed! Full body movement, building mobility and strength in every muscle and joint is key  during this time.

The small changes you may notice in your body, which are often related to the loss in muscle cells, include tighter muscles and joints and changes in your weight. Even if you were never the most flexible, stiffness may now become a factor in how your body feels every day.

Although your lifestyle and diet haven’t changed much, you may notice a few extra pounds that are harder to shed. There is a simple scientific explanation: if you’ve been active, you could have lost as little as 4% of your muscle mass – not too much. However, a semi-sedentary 40-year old may have lost approximately 13.5% of their muscle mass. That’s 13.5% less muscle cells present to give you energy and burn your calories.

What’s the solution? Increasing your mobility and working all of  your 650 muscles is the key to age reversal and prevention of the loss of muscle mass.

Essentrics®  can help:

  • Increase your flexibility, mobility, and strength; energizing you to keep up with your daily schedule.

  • Brighten and tighten your skin by improving circulation and flushing toxins.

  • Sculpt your body and maintain a healthy weight by counteracting a naturally slowing metabolism

  • Improve your posture.

  • Prevent aches and pains, correct past injuries, and avoid conditions from becoming chronic (such as back, shoulder, and neck pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis).

  • Lubricate tight fascia and connective tissue.

  • Relieve stress and improve mental health.

  • Prepare your muscles to complement your favourite activities.

No matter your age… Activating your muscle cells reprograms your cellular regeneration cycle by sending a message that they’re needed. “Use it or lose it” might be an age-old saying but it is one of the key secrets to preventing the signs of aging.