Fall Bucket List – My Favorite Things

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

There is something new and exciting about each change of season. Each season has its own magic. Winter brings the first snow, Spring brings the Apple Blossoms, Summer brings the butterflies, and Fall brings a festival of colours. I want to share with you my family’s Fall bucket list which includes all of favorite Fall activities.

Are you looking for fun ideas on what to do this Fall season?

My family’s Fall Bucket List.

  1. Racking the leaves in a pile and jumping in it.

  2. Going on a hayride (Remember to take your allergy meds if you have hay allergies like my husband).

  3. Apple picking (take lots of photos).

  4. Attend the Festival of Colors at Crabbe Mountain

  5. Bundle up around a camp fire in our backyard

  6. Sit outside and gaze at the night sky

  7. Horseback riding. We usually go at Broadleaf.

  8. Taking nature walks at a different park every weekend.

  9. Visiting one of our local corn mazes.

  10. Visiting a local farm.

  11. Carving a pumpkin.

  12. Eating a caramel candy apple.

  13. Decorating our home with “Fall” themed decorations.

  14. Trying different pumpkin spiced recipes.

  15. Visiting one of our local school’s “Haunted House”.

  16. Taking lots of family pictures amongst the trees.

  17. Drinking apple cider (kids and I).

  18. Drinking Pumpkin Spiced Late (hubby).

  19. Making overnight apple cinnamon oats (kids and I).

  20. Making overnight pumpkin spiced oats (hubby).

This Fall bucket list includes all of my family’s favorite things to do in the Fall. Use this list as you will. Add all of your favorite things to this list. Save it somewhere ready to be used again next year. Most importantly… have fun!

Yours in health,

Nancy Shimmy

PS – If you live in or around the Moncton, NB (Canada) area, here is a wonderful local blog post by Pickle Planet Moncton which includes ideas of what and where links where for fun Fall family activities.

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