Feed Your Soul – 5 Self Care Tips.

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

You feed your body with food and your mind with knowledge and new experiences… but what about your soul? We also need to feed the soul and this can be done by using the 5 self care tips below.

When you reach a goal or accomplish something you are proud of, do you take a moment to take it in or do you move on to the next thing? There is nothing wrong with feeling good about ourselves. In fact, it is quite healthy, don’t you think?

Feed Your Soul:

1. Celebrate your achievements.

Take a moment and create a list of all your accomplishments. Take time to feel good about yourself and all that you have achieved. Share this with those that matter. Go ahead and fall in love with who you are.

2. Create a vision board.

Visualize all the things that motivate and excite you about the future. If you could do anything right now… if nothing held you back… What would you do? Where would you travel to? Where would you live? Create a vision board inspires you and fills you with joy.

3. Try something new.

Try a different route to work, a new restaurant, a new activity… as long as you get out of your comfort zone. You may surprise yourself and discover a new interest, a new passion or a new side of yourself you never knew.

4. Know who you are.

Who are you at your core? As kids, we simply are. But who are we are as adults is greatly influenced by who we believe we should be. Many times, we lose our true selves in the process of becoming adults. Take time to get to know yourself all over again.

  1. What did you enjoy doing when you were a kid?

  2. Did you enjoy playing with others or did you prefer being on your own?

  3. Do you prefer being around people or animals?

  4. Are you a thinker or a doer?

  5. What is it that you can while losing track of time and the world around you?

  6. What issues are close to your heart?

  7. Do you prefer one-on-one conversations or being in a large group of people?

  8. What do you like to talk about?

5. Trust in yourself.

Trust in your decision making. Deep down, you know what is best for you. We often overthink things. All you need to do is take a breath and slow your mind. Take a moment to notice the sensations in your body. How does your body feel towards a decision? Is it tense or relaxed? How is your breathing, your heart rate? How are you feeling emotionally? Trust in your instincts.

In Conclusion

While taking care of your mind and body via nutrition, rest, and exercise… Always remember to also feed your soul. Be proud of who you are. Love who you are. And celebrate yourself and your accomplishments each and every step of the way.

Yours in health, Nancy Shimmy