Finding balance – How I deal with stress

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

How do I deal with stress and find balance in my life?

Our day-to-day lives are full of ups and downs.  Good stress and bad stress.  Keeping in mind that happy events in our lives will also cause stress.  Stress comes in various degrees.  Too much stress is never good, even when caused by what we consider to be a happy event.   

Groot is not happy. Bad traffic today.

Groot key chain. How I felt that day when traffic was really bad.

Here is something you may relate to.

I live in the small city of Dieppe, NB in the wonderful country of Canada.  It is also known as part of the Greater Moncton area.  Greater Moncton encompasses Metro Moncton which includes Moncton, Riverview, and Dieppe.  When I say small city, I mean it is like a mini Montreal.  It has everything we could possibly want or need in a city, but with less honking and a lot less traffic.

This past week was the Grand Opening of the Moncton Events Centre.  The building itself, both outside and inside, is pretty amazing.  It is our new home for concerts, shows, and sporting events.  The up side?  It will bring more traffic in our beautiful area.  This is good for the economy, tourism, etc.  The down side?  It will bring more traffic in our beautiful area… yep… lots of traffic before and after events… making travelling home from work a painful journey.  This gives new meaning to my term “mini Montreal”.

On Wednesday of this past week, Keith Urban performed at the Moncton Events Centre.  It was the first big show.  I love the fact that we have such wonderful performers come to our corner of the world.  The down side was that my drive home from work took me an hour.  A drive that usually takes me 25 minutes, or, during construction and other delays, can take up to 35 minutes at the most.  (I truly sympathize with anyone who’s commute to work is over 45 minutes)

How do I deal with the stress and find balance in my life?

Essentrics with Nancy

Healing through movement and feeling great.

By the time I got home, I was feeling quite tired.  All I could thing about was changing into my workout clothes and teaching my Essentrics class.  I feel the same way anytime I feel under the weather, stressed or hormonal.  (To the men reading this, we women go through a hormonal change on a day-to-day basis AND so do you although on a different scale 😉).  

And so I did.  I changed in to my workout clothes.  Had a light supper, re-hydrated with some water, and headed off to the studio.  Important note here, the studio is a home-studio.  It is where our attached garage used to be and so I did not have to go back into traffic.

Teaching class cleared my mind and rebalanced me emotionally, mentally and physically.  It even got rid of my belly pains that started right before class.  Pain that had me sweat.  I know some of you ladies may be prone to these and understand what I am referring to.  It is simply amazing the benefits I get from it.  I have taught other fitness programs in the past.  None of which I would look forward to teaching whenever I felt tired or under the weather.  In fact, I would have to cancel a times due to lack of energy or even belly pains.  Not this time.  I was looking forward to teaching class.

THANK YOU to all participants who make it possible for me to teach. 😘🤗 You do not realize that I get just as much out of this class as you do.  As an instructor teaching the class, this program benefits me on so many levels.

Here are simple things that will help me while I wait for class.

Simple things that help me refocus and ground myself on days of “small” stress is sitting on my back deck.  Just sitting there with my eyes closed and listening to the birds, the wind in the leaves, and feeling the sun on my face.  I also truly enjoy bringing my youngest cat Lolita with me out on the deck.  Watching her react to the world around her is like watching a young child discover the world. It helps remind of the beauty and magic that is all around me. ❤️ It brings me back to the moment.  A place where there is no room for tomorrow’s worries.  A place where there is only room for daydreaming.

May you enjoy the little things and find balance in your life.

Yours in health, happiness and success, Nancy Shimmy

Happy Groot

Happy Groot. Especially with a full belly.