From Soft Kitty to Raging Bull.

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

The past four posts have been about to reality of perimenopause and menopause. The common symptoms, when to talk to you doctor, and options to deal with those symptoms. Now, what about the transformation from soft kitty to raging bull?

Today, let’s talk about how it feels.

When the symptoms start, you may not quite know what is going on at first. You do your research by talking to your Mom, your best friend, and look-up your symptoms on Google. Then you go talk to your doctor, and if you are under 43, he/she may have quickly dismissed your symptoms saying you are too young for menopause (I was 35 when it started). The truth is doctors are sometimes uninformed about perimenopause, which makes it harder on us as women, right? The truth is, perimenopause can start anywhere from your mid-30s to your early 50s. A few of my friends were already done menstruating by the age of 40.

The annoying bits

… for me is never knowing when my period is going to start… and it is always different. Some months it is within 14 days and other months it happens on day 42. Some months it just starts, no spotting. Other months I may spot between 5 to 10 days before it becomes a regular period. Not to mention the PMS span that ranges between 5 to 10 days. Some months I have no PMS symptoms, others I have the full range at maximum warp. (trekkie right here .. LOL)

Do you remember puberty?

Did you have a hard time handling your mood swings? I am living through puberty all over again. Except, when I get close to starting my period, it is more like puberty on steroids. I go from “soft kitty” (I also love Big Bang) to a “raging bull” in .5 seconds. I have had to have a family meeting with my 2 teens and wonderful husband to explain what is going on inside this human (me) who is acting like she has been taken over by “Alien” or “Predator” (movie buff also).

The thing is, I am doing my best to control these mood swings… Imagine if I wasn’t. On second thought… don’t imagine it. It is way too scary to think about.

In all seriousness

… between my core temperature reaching highs of 103.5F (I took my temperature during hot flashes), raging hormones, messed up sleep patterns, and seeing new wrinkles and loss of elasticity to my skin… Please know and believe me when I say I am dealing with it as best as I can. I truly am.

To my family, my friends, and anyone within my vicinity

When I transform into the raging bull. Treat me like a wild animal in a cage and all will be fine. No sudden movements, speak in soft tones, and I will return into the “soft kitty” in just a few seconds. Kinda like the weather here in Canada… 🙂

Yours in health, happiness and success,

Nancy Shimmy

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