Fulfilling basic needs – Love and worthiness

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Love and worthiness. – All humans have the same psychological and physiological needs. These basic needs are important for mental health.

Think of someone who is in a nursing home suffering from dementia; the one who says she/he needs no one yet is going through panic attacks; or that human who lost a lifelong best friend and is suffering from depression. What do they have in common?

Love and worthiness.

1 – Love: The need to love and be loved.

From love ranging from friendship through mother love, family love, and that of a spouse. Either or is not enough, we need both.

“When we cannot satisfy our total need for love, we will without fail suffer and react with many familiar psychological symptoms, from mild discomfort through anxiety and depression to complete withdrawal from the world around us. – Book Reality Therapy

We need one who cares about us and who we care for ourselves. Someone we are close to and have built a long time relationship with.

2 – Worthiness: The need to feel worthwhile to ourselves and to someone else.

A person who loves and is being loved feels worthwhile and will be a worthwhile person.

Imagine no longer being surrounded by lifelong friendships on a daily basis. It would leave you feeling lonely and unworthy. Possibly even feeling like a burden to others.

An example would be someone growing old and senile. According to the Reality Therapy, much of what we call senility or senile psychosis is nothing more that the reaction of aged people to isolation.

Support is everything.

Humans are social creatures that require connections, nurturing and support. Our wellbeing requires that we have relationships built on trust, authenticity, mutual respect and kindness. To have on person like this in our live is a need… to have a social network of people is even better.

Each of us need people that we can depend on and that won’t judge us. That accept us for who we are, as we are, on good days and on bad days, knowing that this goes both ways.

I love this quote.

When you are free to love anyone you choose. When this world is big enough for all different views. When we are all free to workshop from our own kind of pew. We shall be free. Songwriter Stephanie Davis for the Garth Brook song ” We Shall Be Free “.

Today I touch on only two of the basic needs. It is not a weakness to need these, it is survival. It is something we all have in common.

Yours in wellness ~ Nancy Shimmy

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