Grey hair… a silver halo.

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

We’ve all noticed that in our culture, there’s this pressure for women to look as young as possible for as long as possible. This is less true for men, although I have seen some tendencies there also. Why is that? Why do we do this to ourselves? What is so wrong about aging? In some cultures, being elderly is equal to wisdom and strength, as it should be. 

“We’re taught that there’s a prime of life. I say throw that out the door. Every moment is your prime. There is no peak. It just gets better. – Cindy Joseph”

There is pressure for women to look like … well, like a plastic doll. Pores? Lines? Blemishes? What? Your skin actually folds when you sit? More and more women get Botox, plastic surgery, etc. This is sad. I remember as a teen, looking at my aunt in her late 30s and thinking how beautiful her eyes were. They had started to have lines, some call them crows feet. I just thought it was beautiful and sophisticated.

There is no such thing as being too young to go grey. It is nature’s way. Some start turning grey in their teens, many in their early 30s. Of course we all have the option to color our hair. People color their hair to match their personalities and as a form of expression. Grey, like other colors, is a choice. For some, it is all natural. Whether you choose to color your hair or not, do it for yourself and not because of social pressure. Do what makes YOU happy. 

I started letting my grey grow out naturally in May of 2016.  It’s very exciting to see the silver color.  I love my grey and can’t wait for all of the dye to be gone. I’m happily surprised at finding that the process is rather easy for me. I can only talk about my own experience of course.  I thought it would be much more difficult to see the grey grow slowly, instead of bleaching it all grey and letting it blend in as it grows.  But you know… I like the color effect in the layers.

Be confident. Know your self worth. Know who you are. Own it. THAT is attractive.

I love letting my grey show. It is very liberating. For me, it was time. I feel like I am showing on the outside who I am on the inside. Will I ever color my hair again? Who knows. There are no rules. I do what feels right for me in the moment. For now, going grey is what feels right. I love my grey hair.. my silver halo. 

Yours in health, happiness and success, Nancy Shimmy

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