How adapting is affecting us. – The New Normal

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Adapting to this new normal is affecting us is very different from one person to the next, from one business to the next.. And so I say we are all experiencing this together, albeit differently.

A recent Facebook post of mine:

On a recent post at “Essentrics with Nancy” Facebook page, I touch on how adapting is affecting my business. It went something like this:

I am doing my best to be there for Essentrics peeps. Your health and wellbeing matters. Seeing participants bodies change, seeing their energy increase, and their bodies getting more and more familiar with Essentrics is a magical thing. It’s why I do what I do.

After 2 years of hard work, training, and teaching, my business was growing, I was helping more and more people unlock their bodies.

Not being able to teach in-person has affected business. I’m grateful for live-streaming. Thanks to zoom I have been able to continue teaching. For some of my participants, in this time of their lives, this is the only way they can attend my classes. However, I am not able to reach everyone via live-streaming. Live streaming is simply not what works for everyone.

Thankfully, for the time being, we are able to hold small in-person classes a gain. I have found a lovely venue for morning classes. Evening classes are more of a challenge for me as there are no available venues for my evening classes at this time and my home-studio is simply too small to accommodate everyone while following the Covid-19 guidelines. So I will continue with zoom.

The universe knows best. It has always come through for me. I just have to pay attention and be patient.

Humans adapt

In general, humans are pretty good at adapting to new situations. The way people shop for groceries and pay bills is now mostly on-line. Purchases made for fresh produce, etc, now more than ever, are made at local farms and small businesses.

Businesses, big and small, have come up with original ways to adapt to the “new normal”. It is exciting and encouraging to see these changes happen. I think the world will never be the same again… and hopefully so.

The new normal.

The new normal can be a really good thing. There are changes that I hope are here to stay. And I hope that we continue to focus on the bigger issues … the elephant in the room… The amount we consume vs the amount we give back to the planet. The amount we take from the planet is taken from her faster than what she can reproduce.

The earth is exhausted. According to Michelsen, there are three big factors we need to work on: energy production, industrial agriculture, and mobility. “A complete coal exit is absolutely essential. We need to invest in renewable energy and Germany isn’t doing enough in this respect. We are far from a real energy transition,” Michelsen said. “The second big step is introducing ecological practices in agriculture. Industrial agriculture is a major climate killer. Worldwide, agriculture is responsible for a third of all CO2 emissions.” The third step, Michelsen says, is greening our means of transportation. Driving and flying both emit huge amounts of greenhouse gases.

How is adapting affecting you?

Whether because it is the “New Normal” or because the option is now available, what are some of the changes that you have made in your day-to-day? How are you balancing wellness in these times?