Keeping It Real ~ Love the body you are in.

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

This blog post “Keeping It Real ~ Love the body you are in” started as an instagram post. But I believe this message is important for both men and women and needs to be shared over and over until it really, truly sinks into our collective consciousness. So here goes.

~ Keeping It Real.

Wondering why on earth I would post this photo or the video that goes with it? — Let’s change the conversation.

When I wear yoga like pants and tank tops, they don’t squeeze my skin in any particular way so I may look firmer. So why break the illusion?

~ Love the body you are in.

Before kids I weighed 124 lbs, and had a firm, cut body. Then, I gave birth to 2 wonderful humans, gained stretch marks and gained fat cells. (Fat cells never go away.. you can loose the fat in the cells, but they are always ready and waiting. It’s a survival mechanism.)

Postpartum, I managed to drop down to my pre-pregnancy weight of 124 lbs. And eventually even down to my high school weight of 117 lbs. BUT…

~ It is an amazing machine!

Now at 48 yrs old, 136 lbs, I feel better than I did at any point before my 40s. To be clear, I eat healthy, sleep well, and workout. Under the extra fluff are firm, strong, toned and flexible muscles.

Our bodies are amazing. I love my body. It can do all of the things I couldn’t do before, even when I was a gym rat. This body that I have now has more energy, doesn’t get sore after new movements, and can do all of the things I require of it.

~ Take away:

Never judge a book by its’ cover, you will be surprised how wrong you can be. Always be proud of your body… it is an amazing machine! Love your body, because what others think really doesn’t matter.. and you know what? Others may not even be thinking what you think they are thinking.

Let’s change the conversation my fellow humans!

Yours in health ~ Nancy Shimmy

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