Mother’s Day Gift Ideas she will love – Simple and Zero Waste.

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Mother’s Day, like any other holiday, has become very commercialized.  Personally, I prefer the little things, especially Zero Waste gifts.Choosing a well thought gift while following Zero Waste etiquette doesn’t have to be complicated nor expensive.

Here is a list I have made from conversations I have had with other moms.


Isn’t time the most precious thing that we have to give.  I believe that giving Mom a day where she is free from doing any household chores, a day she can have all to herself, is the best gift a family can give.  This is especially true for a Mom who still has little ones.  The mom who can’t remember the last time she was able to take a shower alone in the bathroom or has yet to sit down at the table for the duration of the whole meal without interruption.

House cleaning:

Get Mom out of the house and take over the cleaning.  What does she like to do?  Organize an outing with that in mind.  Depending on the mom, it may be a trip to the spa with friends, lunch with her mother at their favorite restaurant, coffee with a friend she hasn’t had the chance to visit in a while.  Imagine how awesome she will feel after such an outing AND walking home into a clean house.  Trust me, this will make her day!

A clean car:

My kids surprised me one year by cleaning my SUV both inside and out.  My heart was bursting with pride and love.  It felt great to drive my shiny new-looking vehicle.

Breakfast in bed:

No words needed.  She will feel like a queen.

Family Picnic:

Having a picnic surrounded by nature can be very grounding.  Pack a lunch and a blanket.  Plan an afternoon of hiking and exploring.  Time spent as a family is precious.  The memories that will be made during this day… priceless.

Homemade gift:

Make a card or draw a picture telling Mom how much you love and appreciate her.  She likely has a special place where she keeps such gifts so she can look at them when feeling down.

Her favourite treat:

Dark chocolate … or is that just me?  Whether it is chocolate or not.  The gift of her favorite treat will certainly be appreciated.  Even better if it is made by you.  Cake anyone?

Simple words:

Tell her she’s the best Mom in the world.  My kids, now teenagers, tell me often tell me they love and appreciate me.  But when they were little, it’s not something they said often.  But when I did hear those words coming from my littles ones, I felt such much love and appreciation that I cannot put it into words.

Mom’s everywhere want a day that is just for them.  One day where things get done because our family loves us.   This means more to us than a facial, a manicure or expensive jewellery.   As a Mom, Feeling loved and appreciated means everything.

Yours in health, happiness and success,

Nancy Shimmy