Products to keep your silver hair at it’s best.

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

You have gone through the transition journey and are now left with beautiful grey and white hair… silver hair.  But as mentioned in the previous post, white hair can turn a brassy yellow tinge for many reasons.  Since dumping the hair dye, I have done a lot of research of my own on how to best take care of my grey hair.  As I wrote my previous post on what can cause white hair to turn yellow, I decided it is also important to share what I have learned about products to keep our silver hair at it’s best.

Products you should have in your bathroom.  Including some of my favorites.

Shampoo and conditionner.

A shampoo that has a blue or violet undertone.  The color will neutralize the yellow tones and keep the hair white.  If your shampoo has blue undertone, it is best to only use it once a week.  I find if used more often, the hair ends up with a blue/purple hue.  Shampoos that are made just for gray hair are another option to brighten up the gray.

I prefer using a purple shampoo.  My favorite is Clairol’s Shimmer Lights

If you feel that using a purple shampoo is just putting another chemical on your hair.  That it is just a way to cover up the yellow instead of taking care of the issue.  Maybe you would prefer trying QuickSilverHair products.  This is something I have just tried this week and I loved it.  It removed any buildup had and left my hair soft and shiny.  I have fallen in love with this product.

Fortifying Shampoo and conditioner

During the rest of the week, I use a gentle Care Repair shampoo and a conditioner.  They work the same as a fortifying shampoo and a fortifying conditioner. There are many options out there including brands like Herbal Essence, The Body Shop, Garner and Suave.  My go to for both the shampoo and the conditioner is by Ion found at Sally’s.

Another product that I love is the clarifying shampoo also found at Sally’s and also by ion.  I use this product one a week also to get rid of any oil or chemical buildup from the week. I don’t usually put mouse in my hair but I do put a bit of hairspray.

Heat protection spray

If you use a flat iron or a curling iron, I strongly recommend using heat protection spray. Also remember to keep the setting at the lowest possible while still getting the results you want.  It is easy to burn the hair and white hair will show the damage instantly.

I feel I need to insert a disclaimer here.  I am not promoting nor selling any of these products.  I am simply giving you some options of products using my own knowledge and experience with said products.

I’ve been following a Facebook group called “Gray and Proud”.  It is an uplifting group comprised of wonderful women and a few men on the same journey.  It this group, these women and men courageously share their silver journey with each other.  Encouraging each other along the way and even sharing pictures of their hair at different stages of the transition

I say again as I said in a previous post… I would love this conversation to continue.  I would love to hear your stories, opinions and thoughts on the subject of going gray.  Whatever choice you make, I believe it to be the right choice for you at this time.  Now I ask you.  Are you a silver sister?  Will you choose to let your silver halo shine?  Will you instead choose to color your hair?  If so, why?

Yours in health, happiness and success, Nancy Shimmy