The happiest day of my life so far

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Subject #1 on my list of blog ideas is “The happiest day of my life so far”.  Trouble with this is that I’ve had many days that are equally “The happiest day of my life so far”.  The day I got married, the day my first child was born, the day my second child was born… to mention but a few.

I am a happy person by nature who is blessed with family, friends, health and love.   I get high on life!  I hold no regrets as everything that has come to pass has made me who I am today.  Life to me is a playground where I get to meet people, live new experiences, love and learn… always learning.  Learning is one of my favorite things.

This Saturday is Valentine’s day.  My husband and I have the kind of relationship where our love, our friendship and our companionship is celebrated one way or another every day.  For us, Valentines day is ‘every’ day.  We are the same way with our kids and make sure, everyday, that they know and feel that they are loved, respected and appreciated.

In this family, we do not go to bed angry and we say “I love you” when we part.  During a disagreement, or when angry, we make it a point to let the other know that we love them.  

That being angry or that disagreeing does not mean we love each other any less.  It’s an obvious thing, I know, but it feels good to hear it during such a moment.

Simply put, there is always something good about each day no matter how bad of a day I am having…  There is my family and my friends; love, respect and appreciation.  I cannot pick one day and say that “it” was the “happiest day of my life so far”.

In conclusion, the happiest day of my life so far is the present day.   🙂

Hugs (cause we all need hugs) Yours in health, happiness and success, Nancy Shimmy

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