UNIplex - Dream big and never give up.

Dream big and never give up. That is exactly what I did. I am happy to announce that I am now teaching Essentrics at the UNIplex. Classes are presently Tuesdays 10am and 7pm, as well as on Thursdays 10am and 7pm. This is a dream come true.

For years I have been dreaming of finding the right “feel” venue where I could grow the Essentrics community. I had it all figured out in my mind’s eye but there was nothing that fit the bill in the Greater Moncton area.

How lucky are we to have such a place right here in Dieppe?!

As a Dieppe resident, I am super proud that we have such a location. UNIplex is modern, airy and welcoming. Every staff member I have met so far has been kind, knowledgeable and always ready to help out. This complex has SO much to offer to the Dieppe residents and economy. More importantly, the feedback from my participants has been nothing but positive.

Click here to learn more about the UNIplex.

I had a chance to have a private guided tour of the UNIplex.

Indoor walking track

During my visit I had a chance to see the indoor walking track (closed at the moment, possibly due to Covid-19) which has a “slow” lane and a “fast” lane. Just above the lanes, at intervals, you will see a sign with a turtle above the slow lane and a rabbit above the fast lane. Pretty cute.

Community kitchen

I also had the chance to visit the spacious community kitchen which is almost done and ready for use. Who knows, maybe someone will be giving us some vegetarian cooking lessons in there. Now that would be something I would be interested in.

Intergernerational greenhouse

Did you know about the intergenerational greenhouse? It is not complete yet but is well on its way. I think this is a pretty cool addition to the complex.

Community rooms

There are also community rooms. The Dieppe.ca website indicates that these rooms accommodate “up to 150 people for various events or activities”.

Two ice surfaces

And of course, what many were looking forward too are the two ice surfaces. If I remember correctly what my guide told me, one of the ice surfaces has 100 seats - more than what was originally indicated unless I was misinformed – Either way, perfect for parents watching their kids practice. There is also a little shelf like section behind the seats for those who prefer stand (and drink their coffee?).

The second ice surface has way more seating. Dieppe.ca website says there are over 1000 seats. And if you look up during the game, you might be able to see some of the walkers on the walking track above.

The two rooms I was most interested in where the multipurpose room and training gym.

Multipurpose room

The multipurpose room is the one where I will be teaching most of my Essentrics classes. This room is huge, with mirrors on one wall, a ballet bar, blue tooth for my music so it comes out of the speakers in the ceiling and one wall of just windows. With the push of a button I can raise or lower the blinds (all at once) at whatever setting I choose. It is equipped with 3 projectors/screens. It is a great room for meetings, conferences and special events.

Training gym

The training gym can also accommodate classes of various types, like Essentrics for example, which is why I was interested. This is where one of my 4 classes will be taking place. The room is adjacent to two locker room.

I am only sharing here a bit, not all, of the information regarding all that the UNIplex offers. Please go visit for yourself or go to Dieppe.ca for more info.

To learn all about what is Essentrics and to get class information, you are in the right place at essentricswithnancy.com