With each post that I write, and with each Essentrics class that I teach, I aim to inspire you to live a life of wellness.

I often say: “Live a healthy, happy and successful life, in authenticity and simplicity.” I’m not talking about following this or that diet, or about finding a “side hustle” to make a quick $10,000 a month. Nope. What I am referring to is: Wellness. Something I am passionate about.

So, what exactly is wellness? Wellness is a state of being; a way of life.

Wellness is a state of complete physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, occupational and environmental well-being.

Here is a short description of each.


Physical wellness relates to physical activity, healthy nutrition, and the right amount of sleep. Our bodies are meant to be in motion. The saying “Use it or lose it” is true when it comes to strength, mobility and flexibility. – I’ve said it before (older posts), our bodies are amazing machines.


Emotional wellness is the ability to cope with life and build satisfying relationships with others. Optimism, self-trust, self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-confidence, and the ability to share feelings are all part of emotional wellness.


When you challenge yourself to learn something new, you’re improving your intellectual wellness. Learning a new language or skill, playing Sudoku, doing a crossword puzzle, etc. Also, keep an open mind to new ideas, think critically and ask lots of questions.


Humans are social creatures that require connections, nurturing and support. Relationships build on trust, authenticity, mutual respect and kindness. People that you can depend on and that won’t judge you. People that agree to disagree, and still love you anyway.


Having spiritual wellness is having values and beliefs that bring meaning and purpose to your life. It’s being able to love, to forgive, and to have compassion for yourself and for others. It’s also taking the time to be in the moment.


We forget that we humans are also part of nature. That we are part of the larger ecological system. The environment affects our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellness. The state of the planet and the pollutants around us are things to keep in mind. Learning to protect yourself and the planet is beneficial to your environmental wellness.


We need money in order to live. However, a job that doesn’t align with your values, that is uninteresting to you, or that is overly stressful will eventually wear you down. Not happy where you are? Explore other career options. Create a plan for the future. Build relationships with co-workers. And remember to find balance between work and play time.

As you can see, wellness encompasses many things. To be healthy and happy is to be successful. Living a life of wellness doesn’t have to be complicated. Do what works for you.

And so I say… May you live a healthy, happy and successful life in authenticity and simplicity.

Yours in health, Nancy Shimmy