What have you learned – New Normal

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

During these “covid-19” times, I have asked each of my family members. What have you learned during these past months?

Bill: I miss the travelling part of my job. Alexander: That the world is forever changed. Nadia: Not much lol Me: That I am exactly where I want to be.

I have just had to make what for me are tough decisions.

But today I realized I learned more than that… which left me feeling sad. It has always been about my participants. About helping as many as I can. And I was helping many people… more each year. Covid has been hard on small businesses including mine.

What have I learned from this new normal?

It has forced me to stop teaching from my in-home studio. Learn to teach via live-online streaming. And now…. with the new guidelines…. rent a space for classes.

Rental of the teaching space was paid in full last week. It’s a great studio. I am only renting a small space at the moment.. slightly bigger than my in-home studio. But have the possibility of renting the whole space where I could comfortably have 15 participants (my max of choice).

From experience, people have good intentions saying they will attend class. Some register and fill forms on time. But often, life happens and registration info and payments are not sent in until last minute or until a friendly reminder is sent.

And less often, people may or may not advise me that they have decided to not join after all.

I have just enough people this session to cover my expenses. Sadly I won’t always have my own studio and this is something of a learning curve for me.

Side note: I would send multiple reminders including in the monthly newsletter, facebook group and group emails. I think for my sanity I should now only send a one time reminder via the Facebook group and the monthly Newsletter.

What have I learned from this experience?

1 – That, for in-person classes, I will now require registration payments to be made, at the latest, two weeks before session begins. 2 – That the rented space requires my full payment for the whole session upfront. 3 – That I will require a minimum of 5 participants per class in order to hold a session.

What have you learned about yourself, the world or other during this new normal?

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