What is Intellectual wellness and how to achieve it.

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Intellectual wellness helps us become more mindful and better-rounded humans. It allows us to develop a better understanding of the world and other humans around us. How do we achieve it? Never stop learning and stay curious.

INTELLECTUAL – To improve our intellectual wellness, we need to nurture our creativity, curiosity, and learning.

Keep learning and keep creating

Look at the children around us. They are curious and ask a lot of questions because they want to learn, create, understand and be involved. Adults can learn the same way that children do.

So, go ahead and explore new ideas, stimulate your curiosity, and try new things. Why not learn a new language or a new skill? My favorite ways to learn is by watching documentaries or to reading books. YouTube and free webinars are also great learning tools. Don’t forget about Duolingo for a fun way to learn, practice and/or improve language skills.

Other ideas… 

Read a good book for fun, learn a new language, learn a new skill, play games, do sudoku or crossword puzzles, learn a new dance, or play a musical instrument.  Start drawing, painting, or knitting… you would be learning a new skill and also tapping into your creativity.

Extra tips:

Be open-minded. Try to keep your past programming out of the way. Look at thinks with a clear mind, like you are hearing/seeing it for the first time.

Listen. Listen to understand. We have been programmed to listen to respond, but in doing so we are missing out on important information. Try listening to understand the information that is given to you.

Travel.  Ah yes… travel is a beautiful way to learn and gain appreciation for other cultures.  Travel is THE way to experience other human beings from other places first hand. 

Yours in health ~ Nancy Shimmy

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