What is social wellness and how to achieve it.

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

What is social wellness:

Social wellness is feeling a sense of belonging. We humans have a need to feel included, connected and supported as a person in society. It is important to build healthy, nurturing and supportive relationships in our lives. To surround ourselves with people we love, trust and respect which become our support system during difficult times.

Why is social wellness important?

This “social” support system enhances our quality of life. When we surround ourselves with people we love, trust and respect, we tend to give and receive social support on a daily basis. The result is of having such a positive social network is increased self-esteem, creating boundaries that encourage communication, trust in each other, and a safe place for conflict management.

Staying connected

Here are a few simple ideas to help you along. Participating in a group activity like going to the gym, joining a group fitness class, or dance class. Joining a book club or other type of meetup group. Making a point to have a weekly coffee or lunch date with your friend, mother, sister, grand-father…. Having a weekly date night with your spouse or having family game night once a week.

I found this social wellness checklist online: Click here to take a look.

Humans are social creatures that require connections, nurturing and support.

Social Wellness during Quarantine:

Visiting while distancing: 

If this is allowed in your area, take a walk or drive to visit someone you love.  Today is my father’s birthday and so I took a drive to my parents’ house to bring over some goodies I had baked.  I left them on the front deck for them and took a few steps back.   We had a wonderful chat while they stood on the deck and I stood 6-8 feet away on the grass.  We plan to do this again on a warmer day and set-up some chairs.

Zoom, or the like:

Such platforms as Zoom are becoming quite popular these days.  But they can also be used when the quarantine ends.  It’s a beautiful way to see each other’s faces having a conversation at a distance.  Just this weekend, my family and I had a zoom visit with my in-laws in Fredericton and my sister-in-law in Alberta. We even got a tour of my sister-in-law’s recently purchased home.  It doesn’t stop there.  Why not join a local on-line fitness or art class via zoom?  You would be supporting a local business while taking care of your social wellness.

Facebook social Groups: 

Uplifting Facebook groups have been popping up these days to uplift and help all of us during these days of quarantine.  There is a group for every taste.  The artist, the cook, the baker, the fitness enthusiast, the homeschooling parent, and more.  Got to “search” and type “quarantine” and search under groups.  You will find groups like:

  1. “Quarantine Chronicles” – “A daily SELF PORTRAIT photographic log of day to day life during isolation.”

  2. “Maritime Quarantine Karaoke” – Where you can “… shine light on a not bright situation (…) brighten someone else day with music (…).  Upload a video of yourself or someone in your family singing/playing/dancing to their favourite songs 🎶 “ 

  3. “Quarantine Recipes” – A place to share recipes.

Yours in health ~ Nancy Shimmy