What is spiritual wellness and how can it be achieved?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Spiritual wellness is being able to love, to forgive, and to have compassion for yourself and for others, and taking the time to be in the moment.

Achieving spiritual wellness.

— Forgive

We cannot change others, but we can change how we choose to react to others.   We cannot change the past but we can choose to forgive.  This may take time but once achieved, we are able to move forward in our lives.  This forgiveness is towards others, yes, but also towards yourself. 

As you learn through life experience, you will know better and make better choices.  Such is this journey called life. 

— Have compassion

For others: Relate to others/yourself with kindness and not judgement. Agree to disagree and accept them as they are. Empathize with the others person by putting yourself in their shoes. Know that how they see a situation or experience is likely totally different than how you perceive it.

For yourself: Remember to give yourself the same kindness and care that you give to your friends and family members. Instead of harshly judging yourself for personal shortcomings, be kind and accepting — even when you make mistakes.

— Be present

When is the last time you “really” looked into the eyes of the person you are interacting with?  Put your phone, book or pen down.  Truly be present with the person you are with.

Bonus tip: Meditating

To meditate, you don’t have to sit still and “oum” for 20 minutes.  Meditating can take as little as 10 minutes from your morning or evening routine.  Find a quiet place if possible.  If not, put on some earphones and turn on a calming instrumental song (no lyrics to distract you).  Breath slowly and evenly, allow your mind to wander and then bring it back to the present moment.  It takes practice, but after a doing this for a while, a short meditation of even just 10min will leave you will feel recharged spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.    

Read more tips from : https://jmglifestyle.com/better-mental-health/

Yours in health ~ Nancy Shimmy

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