Who are you? – are you being authentic?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

More and more of us are looking to find our authentic selves. To live a life of authenticity and to express ourselves as honestly and as authentically as we can. Some of you may be asking: What is authenticity? How do I know if I am being authentic? How do I know if someone is being authentic?

At the time of writing this post, we are going through a world wide pandemic. This is a perfect time to recollect and think on what is truly important to us.

Being authentic is to be aligned with the truth of who you are and to live a life that aligns with your values and beliefs.

As humans, we are constantly learning and changing, becoming better versions of ourselves. No matter how many cycles of change we go through, our inner most being, who we are at our core, does not change. That person is your inner child.

Who you were in the first decade of your life IS your authentic self.

Your inner child is still there, inside of you, patiently waiting for you to reconnect with him/her. You can find him/her again. All you need is some quiet time and patience.

Step 1 – reconnect with your inner self.

Step 2 – is to ask yourself what your values and what your beliefs are.

Step 3 – is to live a life that honors all 3 – inner self, values, beliefs.

Living daily in such a way that honors your inner self, your values and your beliefs IS living a life of authenticity. Continue to grow into a better version of yourself, and know that what we put out there is what we attract.

There will be those who say that “you are not being real”. 

Everyone has their own story of who they believe you to be. But how do you know if someone is being authentic? Psychology Today has te following post on the subject:

We all have our own reality. We see things from our own perspective. We make decisions and stories about people and situations according to our own life experiences and perspective. This is why people may not react well to any change they may see in you as you reconnect with who you are.

“You can figure out which values seem true to you by the way they get expressed by you and you can then go into the feeling that not only do your values matter to you more than others but that the values you may have for yourself may not always match the ones that you thought were needed for you to be accepted by others. Values that align with authenticity will always feel true to you and will also feel like they match the energy of who you are when you express them.” – author unknown (Pls let me know if you know the author.)

Yours in simplicity and authenticity ~ Nancy Shimmy

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