Why I decided to stop coloring my hair.

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

In May of 2016, I decided I was going all in.  l was going to stop coloring my hair and let it simply grow out naturally.  At this time my hair was colored brown and went down to my lower back.  That month of May, I walked into the hair salon and got my hair cut to shoulder length. And so the journey began.

Going grey naturally

7 months into my transition

Why I decided to stop coloring my hair.

AUTHENTICITY.  I wanted to be authentically me.  I wanted to embrace and honor who I had become at this point in my life.  The outside me no longer showed who I was becoming on the inside.

FREEDOM. Like many women, I originally started coloring my hair for fun.  It was a form of expression and a way to change my look once in while just by changing my hair color.  But then the roots started to go silver and coloring became a “necessity” to cover the greys.  That was not so much fun.  It felt like an obligation.

COST. Going to a good stylist cost money. But once those greys came in, I now had to go to the salon every 4 weeks.  My hair grows fast enough that within 4 weeks, those silver roots would shine through like tinsel on a Christmas tree.  Just not as pretty. 🙂

“I want to be authentically me.  I want to embrace and honor who I am at this point in my life.”

HEALTH. Let’s face it.  Chemicals are bad for us.  We are surrounded by them.  It is one way to eliminate some of the chemicals in my life and in my body.

DAMAGE. Coloring and highlighting long-term can cause dry and brittle hair.  This cause more problems to deal with and requires more products to bring hair back it’s healthy state.

I hope to show by example.

I want my daughter to know that to color or not color hair should be a choice you make for yourself.  We should honor the changes that happen in our bodies and not be ashamed by them. Graying hair is a natural occurrence.  Coloring hair to hide the fact that our hair is going gray is pointless.  Most people can tell when hair is colored and not natural.

I am now fully transition and very happy with my hair.  I have no regrets and will never go back to coloring it.  During the 2-year transition I changed my hair style a couple of times.  I wanted a new hair style but could not find the right one.  Finally, after looking at many, many, many hairstyle ideas on Pinterest, I finally found the hair style that worked for me at that time.  An angled bob that I have been sporting since the spring of 2018.  Knowing me though… I am thinking my hair will change again in a few more months.

“Hair is fun.  Enjoy it. Use it as an expression of your authentic inner self.”

Yours in health, happiness and success, Nancy Shimmy

I would love this conversation to continue.  I would love to hear your stories, opinions and thoughts on the subject of going gray.  Whatever choice you make, I believe it to be the right choice for you at this time.  Now I ask you.  Are you a silver sister?  Will you choose to let your silver halo shine?  Will you instead choose to color your hair?  If so, why?