I have spent the last two years focused on achieving my Essentrics® goal. And yes!… I did it!

First let me say that I am like a dog with a bone when I put my mind to something… I will not give up until that goal is reached. I have found interesting ways to squeeze in 4 hours of study and practice in my day to achieve this goal. It wasn’t always easy… in fact it was down right overwhelming at times.

When it got overwhelming… I would put the books and DVDs away for a couple of weeks. This break allowed my mind to absorb the knowledge learned.

It is amazing what we can do when we put our heart and mind to it.

I love learning and achieving goals. It makes me feel alive. I think of life like it’s a playground. I play, I laugh, I cry, I learn and if I fall, I brush myself off and get back up.

A recap of my ESSENTRICS®️ journey.

My Essentrics® journey started on Sept 05th, 2017. I spent many, MANY, hours studying and practicing and got certified as a Level 1 instructor on January 15th, 2018.

As is true to my nature, I then started studying and practicing for level 2 right away and I got certified May 25, 2018.

Of course, being the eager beaver that I am… I ordered both Level 3 and 4 material as soon as my Level 2 certificate arrived in the mail… proceeded to attend the live teacher training for both L33 and L4 that very summer… and was certified L3 on Oct. 2018. (This is where I told myself I would slow down)

The following months were spent putting in between an average of 4 hours a day towards preparing for the L4 certification.

Summer 2019

After months of studying movement, human anatomy, physiology, and Essentrics®… I returned to Montreal this past August (2019) for the Live Teacher Training Level 4. The knowledge and experience gained at these trainings is worth every penny, time, and effort.

This time around, it was easier for my mind to process the information given. Because I was now a certified L3, and because I had already studied and practiced for Level 4 certification, I was able to absorb so much more knowledge during the live training.

It also made me realize how much I have grown as an Essentrics®️ instructor in the last year. This has only increased my drive even more to continue on this wellness path with Essentrics® as my tool. Helping others help themselves is a huge passion of mine.

Essentrics® instructors teach participants how to unlock their bodies, which in turn increases mobility and flexibility…. Relieving years of pain.

Once again, I had the wonderful experience of hanging out at the Essentrics headquarters where I talked with Miranda Esmonde-White, her daughter Sahra Esmonde-White, co-founders of Essentrics®.

During this training, I made friends with fellow instructors, reconnected with those made at last years’ training, and met online friends in person for the first time. We are all like-minded people.

Yes! I Did It!

So what was that goal? It was to become a fully certified Level 4 Essentrics® Instructor. All levels require a written and a live testing. I am proud of myself for achieving this goal. My next goal is to become an examiner and a Master Instructor. I am well aware that this require continued studying, work, and effort to be achieved. And that makes it end goal worth it.


I can’t say enough about this program and the techniques. I will continue growing my knowledge in the human body’s Anatomy and Physiology. Achieving my goal of becoming a Level 4 Essentrics® is just the beginning for me. Science is always making new discoveries. I will also keep growing as an Essentrics® Instructor. And as I learn, I will share with all of you via this blog and via teaching Essentrics® classes.

Yours in health, Nancy Shimmy