Zero waste gift wrapping fun

Gift wrapping time! You want the gifts to look pretty under three, be zero waste, and magical? No worries, I got you covered. Let’s start wrapping. (that’s wrapping… not rapping… unless that is your thing… then go for it)

Only one week to Christmas already! I hope you are taking time to slow down and breath. I know this month can be quite busy with Christmas parties, family activities, etc. Not to mention that thing you forgot to do and now have to get done last minute. Eeek.

It is also that time when you want to sit down and enjoy gift wrapping. Yes… lock yourself in a room away from prying eyes. Pour yourself some apple cider, wine, or drink of choice, put on the Christmas tunes, and surround yourself with all your wrapping needs. Now breath, be in the moment, and enjoy the wrapping process.

Here we go.

Zero waste gift wrapping fun

Bits of fabric:

Fabricville has a bin next to the cash where you can find bits of fabric for a low cost.  Or maybe you sew and have bits of fabric leftover from other projects.  Other options can be cloth napkins or pretty scarves found at your local thrift store.  There is a Japanese technique called Furoshiki used for wrapping gifts with fabric.

Butcher paper

Something I don’t see often is butcher paper. Remember that? When the kids were little I would get them to draw and write on the paper once the gift was all wrapped up. Each gift was unique. Or you can leave it plane for a nice modern look. You can likely find rolls of butcher paper at your local craft store.

Pretty scarves

I know I have mentioned them above but they are worth being mentioned again. Remember that the scarf used to wrap the gift is also part of the gift. I know that some women now like to wrap a scarf around the handle of their purse or around their neck to add a pop of color to their outfit. Pick one that suits the receiver of the gift. Your local thrift store is a wonderful place to find a variety of scarves.


Remember the butcher paper? A gift wrapped in butcher and tied with twine is very classy and chic. You can tie a pretty Christmas ornemament or “natural element” (see below) to finish the look.

Natural elements:

Bring the outdoors indoors by tying a special something to the gift. Examples are pinecones, twigs, and/or leafy branches found on the forest floor during one of your wintery walks. Hmm… the smell of pine.

From the kitchen:

Dried slices of oranges tied to the gift looks chic and smells amazing. Pinterest has lots of images for you to use as inspiration. Cinnamon sticks! Christmas and cinnamon sticks seem to Tie them with some string or twine to add a pop of color (and smell) to your gift.

Bonus tip: Once the gift is unwrapped, the dried oranges can be boiled with the cinnamon sticks to make a stove top potpourri.


These zero waste Christmas gift wrapping ideas are fun, low-cost, reusable and/or compostable, and let’s not forget magical. Enjoy the process of creation while you wrap gifts. Use this time to be in the moment and away from the hustle and bustle “out there”.

From my family to yours, may the season be filled with love, joy and wonder for you and yours.

Yours in health – The Gould Family.

PS – In case you missed it, here is a December Bucket list of fun things to do.

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